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Wandering through the streets of Wynwood in Miami, in the aftermath of Art Basel, you wouldn’t have to walk too long before sighting a couple of art-consumed figures holding court in their own fashion photo-shoot with the street art of the Miami Wynwood artists as a world-renowned backdrop. Into the thoroughfares of Miami street-art glides a heart of wonder-lust for a cadence that lends itself to fashion-mixed-with-art-mixed -with-color-mixed with passion-for-fashion.


Street art in Wynwood, Miami, Florida

Miami native Miss Shari-Simone plots a highway through the town; down streets a-washed with streams of color that used to ride the D-train through the Bronx, NY, or the ancient brown stones of Brooklyn; street art of a style transplanted from the cold north of the Home of Hip-Hop (and Grandmixer D.ST would have agreed); gliding high over the Dirty South ATL (Hi, Luda-Ludacris) to the southern-most reaches of Miami South here on the streets of Wynwood; edgy grit Miami-style (Hey, Mr. Pit-Bull, where y’at?). Miss Shari-Simone arches and struts in a panoply of colors from her online boutique.


Faux fur vest

Miss Shari-Simone is working on her Bachelor’s degree in fashion design at the Savannah School of Art and Design, popularly known as SCAD, in Atlanta, Georgia.  Being a Miami native she gets drawn back to the art-filled streets from time to time to feature the clothing from her online store Swankyrags LLC: Let’s be clear, she is not selling any of her own designs in the online store. Not yet. She is still deep in her studies as a fashion/art student.  But her undeniable business desire and ambition is to get fashion out there in the stratosphere, and feel her way around what it means to play with the magic of online fashion sales. Swankyrags LLC can open the eyes of potential consumers to the riotous color style that is the style of Miss Shari-Simone.


Cool faux fur vest from Swankyrags LLC

Riotous color of fashion styles paired with rambunctious color of street art (graffiti one-time outlawed with the artist doing time for “defacing property”). How times have changed.  Wild color on the walls—celebrated. Check.  Riotous color in a young designer’s passion for fashion—fantastic. Check.  We can all celebrate, and keep an eye open on the future possibilities of Miss Shari-Simone’s style.


Palazzo Pants from Swankyrags LLC