I am a writer who came to America from the UK many moons ago, and
I have continued to write sporadically. I say sporadically because I have had
to overcome a little culture-shock to get back into my groove. In the mean
time, I put out a book titled “Abe’s Caribbean Takeout, Other Short
Stories and Poetry,” available on Amazon.com in the Kindle e-reader
edition for $9.99. Short stories from an author whose name is unknown is generally
a difficult sell. The same is true for poetry. Several of the short stories in
the collection have previously been published in ethnic Caribbean publications
such as Darcus Howe’s Race Today Review, (London), and Caribbean
Lifestyles Magazine
(Miami). The title story Abe’s Caribbean Takeout is
set in Miami and was inspired by events in the years following the 9-11 attacks
where individuals were profiled under the Patriot Act and their lives nearly
destroyed by false and unfounded accusations. As for me, marriage, two
children, and several Florida Literary Arts Writing Workshops later, and in the
midst of MBA studies, here I am, straddling two writing projects: one, a rehash
of a full-length novel set in the UK, first written many years ago and since
updated but never published, and two, a brand new novel idea with possibilities
of a series set in South Florida. I question myself daily about the UK project
and wonder why after all these years I still feel passionate about getting this
project out of my system, but I guess I answered my own question. I need to get
the thing out of my system, a bit like being in the last trimester of
pregnancy. Get it done already! The new South Florida project has great potential. It is fiction that
encompasses the beauty and ugliness of living in Florida; from the awesome
majesty of Florida’s vast open spaces, its River of Grass, its big sky, the
ghost orchids, and mangroves, to its body-count on the nightly news and tawdry
South Beach nightlife, and all the worlds that exist in between, particularly
worlds that may not yet have been explored by the likes of reknowned and
respected Florida writers such as Carl Hiassen, Les Sandiford and Christine
Kling. Stay tuned…